Saturday, September 15, 2007


We all know how things have changed since we were kids, if you are over 30 at least. Kids cannot play outside after dark even in their own neighborhoods without a parent around. Parents walk or drive their kids to school and back or meet the bus. These sorts of things show drastic changes from the days of my youth.

Years ago I refused to use speed calling and still do. I like to remember the numbers. I knew I would lose the ability to recall them if I stopped practicing them. Same thing is happening with GPS. More and more of us have one in our car. We plug in the address and a voice tells us where and when to turn or we can just follow in silence using the map on the dashboard.

When I turned 16, the very day, I got my license. Those days we had driver's ed in school. My daughter turned 16 yesterday and wants to drive too, but she needs to still get her permit and we need to make arrangements with a driving school to teach her. What a pain in the ass for kids today. It should still be a class!

Anyhow, since kids cannot run around like we did, they don't learn their own neighborhoods, let alone the city or county where they live. Part of the fun of learning to drive is discovering new areas. Areas the kids of today will not know how to get back to without their talking maps. I think they should be advised to use no GPS systems until they have been driving for two years so they can establish roots!

A new California law was just signed prohibiting teen drivers from using their cell phones while driving. And that includes talking and texting! We should all abide by that rule.

Happy Sweet Sixteen to my Zoe!