Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I just read that our country is buying more imported cars than domestic, for the first time ever. I say let's make it cool to buy American made cars again. We can make a difference. Shaming people who buy foreign cars won't be so hard. We did it with smokers, fur owners, SUV owners all for the greater good. Why not do it for our country? Why is it that American cars are for the most part, ugly? Not all, but many models are just matronly looking. Missing some blinds in the back window is all! For the record, I don't smoke any more and haven't for seventeen months. I don't have any furs, once had a sweater with a fur collar that I really liked though. I drive an American SUV. I would like my next car to be an American hybrid. Now, if only there is one I like.

We have hit the one trillion dollar mark for spending for this war. I have nothing nice to say so I won't.

On a lighter note, an old woman in a Camry (foreign!) pulled out in front of me yesterday. She had to be ninety. My first thought, after I honked at her, as did the person behind me, was that she really shouldn't be driving any longer. I honked at her not because she pulled out in front of me, but because she was going zero mph! Seriously. No gas. She was looking at a house under construction as she was going nowhere. There were four unhappy people in cars behind me. The elderly woman rounded the corner and when she could manage the wheel with one hand, she flipped me off!!! I started laughing so damn hard. She could see me laughing too. I didn't flip her off, I just laughed. As we rounded the next corner, she turned onto the first street and honked as if to tell me "Screw You" and I followed her. I was turning as well. I am sure when I turned she thought I was a woman with road rage and maybe she shouldn't have flipped me off. I stopped to drop my daughter off at her friend's and the woman drove on. Still, how funny that this elderly woman flipped me off. I suppose if I am lucky enough to make it to that age, I would do the very same thing.