Friday, June 22, 2007

School's OUT

Today is the last day of school for my girls. Poor Zoe the tenth grader has two last finals today. That is no way for a last day to end! She has worked very hard this year and I am happy she will not be doing hours of homework every night. High school is different from when I was there. We didn't spend all our time studying and thinking about what we needed to do to get into college. It is insane that they can't just be students and have some fun as well. I hope she has a good summer and does lots of stuff with her friends. I am so proud of the young women she is. She is sooo smart, works super hard and is beautiful inside and out.

Today is also Katharine's last day of eighth grade. She graduates this afternoon and doesn't have to be at school until then. She is still sleeping. It will be a tissue day for sure during graduation. I remember getting all choked up when Zoe graduated eighth grade, and of course I will do the same with Katharine. Difference is this year, all of the girls who have been in Katharine's girl scout troop since first grade will graduate too, among other close friends. It feels like they are "our" girls too. All of the troop moms feel this way. We all look at this group of smart, lovely and talented girls as "ours" and will absolutely need tissue! I am very proud of Katharine too. She is also smart and has energy to burn, especially if it has to do singing or acting! In fact, she begins rehearsals for the next play on Monday.

Cheers to a very happy summer! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Longest Day of the Year

Happy summer. Today is the first day of summer. I always remember this day on the calendar. Thirty-two years ago I was in a horribly run hospital recovering from giving birth to a baby boy the day before. I always remember the date of June 20, 1975, too. It is his birthday. I was fifteen. I remember it all, as if it were yesterday. No meds for the pain because they didn't want to harm the baby who was about twelve pounds. I had no prenatal care. I hid the pregnancy for nine months. I was in a profound sense of denial.

Yesterday I caught part of an Oprah show about a girl who gave birth in her bathroom and then went down to dinner. She did the unthinkable with her baby. She went beyond leaving a baby in a basket. She is in prison for killing her baby. She was scared and hid the pregnancy too. Although, her baby daddy knew too and was the one who disposed of the baby. To most people this is the most unbelievable thing anybody could do. To me, it could have been my reality.

I have sympathy for girls or women who get rid of their babies. I am sure most hope somebody will discover their baby and give him or her a good home. Unfortunately, it doesn't always turn out that way. I know the fear of getting caught being pregnant at such a young age. It was enough to force me to hide my pregnancy until three days before I had him, and then my mother asked me if I was pregnant. I didn't offer up the info. She saved me from being the girl who gave birth in her bedroom and hid the baby or put the baby somewhere so I wouldn't get caught. She saved me from possibly dying during childbirth from blood loss or any number of complications. She saved my baby too. Who knows what I would have done in a couple more days. I was not a terrible person. I was a scared child having a child!

You may wonder how somebody could hide a pregnancy for nine months. You may wonder how my mother or father could not tell I was pregnant. Why my friends didn't know. Why my brothers didn't know. Perhaps my parents were in denial, I don't know. I do know I was excellent at concealing the bump. I wore smocks or sweatshirts. Yes, it was coming up on summer and quite warm, but I managed.

Still, I know the fear these girls face and am thankful for the safe haven laws that let newborns be brought to churches or hospitals, no questions asked. I would like to think I would have chosen this path. I was lucky. Somebody noticed and took action before the birth. I gave my baby boy up for adoption. He turned thirty-two yesterday and I hope he is a happy man with a good life. I hope he has great parents and wonderful childhood memories.

Lying in the hospital the day after having my baby, it was June 21st. I was not in the maternity ward because I was giving my baby up for adoption. I was moved into the general population area. In those days they didn't release you within twelve hours of giving birth. I had to live through the longest day of the year, the first day of summer in the hospital with my family telling everybody I had an appendectomy. Things have changed a lot. I was one of the lucky ones. The hospital is being replaced by a new modern hospital and the old one sits next to it, for now. One day soon, when I pass by, I will not be reminded of that horrible place.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sopranos Finale

When the finale ended tonight, I thought it sucked. After thinking and talking about it, I decided it was an okay ending. Instead of killing everybody David Chase left it up to our imagination.

The family seems to have come out alive. Meadow will become a mouthpiece with a starting salary of $170,000, Carmella and Tony were thrilled. AJ went, hook line and sinker for the entertainment industry and got himself a nice BMW M3 and told his friend how great the gas mileage was. This after he wanted to save the planet. Carm had her house to fix up that she got at an estate sale. Tony survived, or so I imagine. Pauly was fine, not so happy being a skipper again, but walking around fine. Creepy Janice hit up Uncle Jun to get his money. Tony was very emotional seeing Junior not remember anything or anybody.

We got to see Tony take a therapy session about AJ and make it about himself, while Carmella had daggers in her eyes. Makes me think he has a new shrink, if he wants one.

The cat staring at Christopher's photograph and annoying the hell out of Pauly was hilarious. Nine lives, reincarnation of Chris? Who didn't love Anthony and his sarcasm about Pauly seeing the Virgin Mary at the Bing?

I have to admit, the scene in which Phil was shot was pretty funny. Normally I would not laugh as an SUV rolled over somebody's head, but for some reason it was his appropriate comeuppance.

So, I was not upset with the ending. I actually liked it.

Anaheim Ducks

Well, how about that? The Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup. Yes, the ANAHEIM Ducks. No need for the city of Los Angeles to be connected to the title. Amazing. First Disneyland was good enough to be in Anaheim and then the Ducks. So, why the need to put LA into the name of the Angels of Anaheim? More recognition? I think not!

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Sopranos Next to Last Episode

I was disappointed in the Sopranos last night. I was left asking if that was it? It was as if they were using the hour to set up the final bloodbath, I mean episode. It's okay to use the show in that way, of course, but there were so many things out of character, which didn't add up for me.

The Sopranos are portrayed as a strong family. At any given meal or at the Bing, there are plenty of them. I realize some have been killed off, but did the rest leave when Christopher died? Last night, only four or five and all alone. Why was Tony alone without a body guard until the end? They were walking around without taking precautions. They knew before the FBI dude told him, that the hit was on. Why didn't Tony and Bobby get Carm and the kids and creepy Janice and her baby and step kids (God help those kids with Bobby gone) and move them to safety immediately? Why wait until Phil and his family had time to plan? And why did they all go to one location so they can just exterminate them all at once. Only a cockroach can survive that kind of thing. That doesn't seem so smart to me. Plus, the first thing Tony does when he gets to the safe house is go to sleep! No planning? Even Paris Hilton planned her entrance to jail with minimum paparazzi present....

I wonder what supersonic aircraft the Italians took to get to Jersey so quickly. It took us about 17 hours to get to Italy. The beauty of TV. But, this is HBO and this is supposed to be quality programming.

Bobby was alone, buying trains when he knew of the hit? How freaking lame is that? I know his phone was in the car with his coat, so he was not told to shake up his routine. That was a given and I would think if he wasn't thinking about moving his family, the least he could have done, was keep the phone with him as one of Tony's captains.

I thought it abrupt and unnecessary for Dr. Melfi to fire Tony last night too. Are you telling me that she read that he would be worse with talky therapy last night, for the first time in seven years? I think some continuing education would have served her well if that is the case. Good thing she was at that dinner party with all her shrink friends, or she would have never known it was time to fire him.

Maybe she will take him back when the movie comes out. That is of course if Tony survives. At the rate they are going it doesn't look good for him. I heard they filmed three different endings. It has to be tragic, so I would think at least one Soprano has to die. Maybe AJ as he wants to die anyhow. I hope they leave Carmella alone. It could also be Meadow too, cuz she is with her boyfriend as if nobody will know to look there for her. As of last night, did anybody tell her not to go home to get a home cooked meal from Carm? I really hope they are not going to have Tony stay in the room and flashback on the last seven years and then shoot it out. Lots of loose ends left untied. Hopefully we will be rewarded with a well written finale, but at this point, I am skeptical...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I forgot my password!~

It has been so long since my last post that I FORGOT my damn password! That is just crazy. Why have a blog at all if I am not going to post exciting, funny stuff?

Truth be told, (I never use that expression in real life) I haven't blogged lately because I just don't have anything much to say. I am not feeling particularly funny either. I prefer funny posts to the mundane crap of the daily hustle and bustle. But, I have to work with what I've got, or I will forget my password again.

Yesterday, I went to Costco. I don't go as often as I used to for several reasons, but mainly, I don't really need to buy five pounds of muscles. But, I did. David said, "I can't eat this many." Of course he could if he froze some for a later date or ate some today too. Nobody really likes to mess with seafood though. Eat it as soon as it arrives or it is suspect. Once suspect, it will sit in the freezer for a year. But, they were soooo cheap!

I do like buying meat there. Excellent prices for meat that freezes well. And bread. My youngest enjoys the miniature loaves of bread. Six to a bag. I put them in the freezer and she takes one out the night before and has it for breakfast the next morning. Just like it came from the bakery. It is worth the time it takes to freeze things. Much cheaper than the grocery store, especially in this town.

On to vitamins. Holy moly, it takes me forever to choose vitamins. I bought some vitamin E and some fish oil, which I was okay with, because I liked what I bought a few months ago. Some has more omega 3 and some has more fish oil, but the decision was made and I wrote down the name. It saves time and angst. However, it happened again when I needed a new bottle of multivitamins.

If you put the "supplemental facts" next to each other, they are different in quantity of various vitamins. Easy enough right? Not exactly. The bottle I replaced was MEGAVITAMINS. One a Day don't even come close to the numbers of the mega doses. But, do I need 5333% of my daily value in Thiamin? 4706% Riboflavin, 1333% B12? Maybe I do, but I am betting 100% is okay too. So, no more megavitamins for the next few months while I finish the One a Day tablets.

I just realized why they do those frustrating math word problems in school. If a train is going 100 mph and you left the station at 3:00, how long would it take a duck to fly the same distance, with a wounded wing? I just realized those MEGAVITAMINS said to TAKE 2 a day. At least One a Day is obvious....Right?