Monday, March 19, 2007

True Confessions????

Does anybody believe any of these confessions that are so plentiful right now? The latest being a detainee at Gitmo who confessed to plotting the bombings of the USS Cole and two embassies in Africa. Everything tied up into a nice little package complete with a bow. I sure wish I believed it!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Looking on the Bright Side

I am looking out the window and the first bird I see is a Woodpecker. It is climbing up a Northern Pine. What a nice way to start the day.

Yesterday was different. The school called to say that my daughter's friend had lice and they were going to check my daughter next. Then came the call back and not the kind we wanted. My eighth grader had lice. I thought we'd missed that bullet, but we didn't. I picked my humiliated daughter up and took her to the pharmacy. I love our hometown pharmacy. One of the older women who works there is a hoot. She told me all her kids had it and it happens everywhere, even our little chi chi (SP?) town. I suppose that could be the bright side. Why would I think it couldn't happen here? Afterall, it has been in the schools year after year.

I called the number on the box of Rid because I had a question. The directions say to put on shampoo dry, then lather and shampoo. I wanted to know if that meant with the shampoo I had already used or a nice 2006 Paul Mitchell shampoo. It turns out either is fine. Great. I sent her to the shower to just wash with the shampoo already in her hair. I did get lots of tips from the helpful woman at Rid. Since my daughter has long hair, and lots of it, it would probably take 6 to 8 hours to comb out. I have to admit, my jaw did hit the floor. Not much can make that happen.

Another tip was to section all of her hair and make about 20 braids. Then comb through each section, rebraid and keep away from the other braids. I thought it was a clever idea. We did so and it took us a goof FIVE hours to comb out her hair. Back to the shower for another wash, this time with a very nice 2007 Pantene and conditioner. Meanwhile, in lieu of burning all the bedding, clothing, pillows and stuffed animals, everything had to be washed on hot. The lady at Rid told me that all the stuffed toys could be put in the dryer to kill the lice. I asked if the heat kills that creepy little buggers, why can't we just use the blowdryer on her hair. Apparently it needs to be 130 degrees to kill them. I suppose that is a little warm for a tender head...

Anyhow, it was quite a bonding experience. That's the bright side! Lots of time together! Her friend asked my daughter if she wanted to have a lice playdate....I thought that was funny. So far, it seems contained with just her. She had her hair cut last week and there was no sign of the little critters, so we think it was a recent infestation. How gross is that???