Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day 2007

I am very blessed to have two wonderful daughters. Both healthy. Both smart. Both beautiful. Both loving. Both funny. Both sarcastic, one a bit more than the other...They each have very bright futures. I have no doubt they will each become whomever they want to become, unless some loser guy leads them astray! Joking....hopefully.

Everybody is still asleep. I hear the chirping of Tivo downstairs, so I think the hub is up. The girls wanted to make breakfast in bed for me, but I get up at five and they get up around ten. I can eat at the table with them. Just being with them is the best.

I don't know if it's hormones or depression, but these past couple of weeks have been hard on me. I have been letting things build up inside me until I finally exploded the other day. I felt horrible after and went to bed. Had a good cry, apologized for snapping. I felt like the worst mother in the world. I know I am not the best, by any stretch, but I felt horrible. I know mothers are not perfect. We do the best we can and hope they find a good therapist when they grow up. Or sooner, as it is more socially acceptable now days.

It is difficult to let them make their own mistakes when we know what to do. We must let them make their own mistakes though. These are important lessons. Yesterday, while in the car with the girls and a friend, I mentioned that they cannot get away with anything. Their grades and attendance are posted online and checked by the hub often. Not because he is concerned they did anything wrong, but because he is proud and curious. I used to steal the cut notices out of the Saturday mail every week! My parents didn't have a clue. I told the girls it was too bad they cannot get away with anything. They asked why, as they don't want to get in trouble. I told them it is just sort of a right of passage. I learned a lot growing up the way I did. It showed me another side to things. I think it makes me more rounded (no pun here) as a person and especially as a mom.

My mother died eight years ago and I miss her. She died to soon. Alzheimer's. Horrible horrible disease.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful Moms.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

For nothing to say, this is long...

Between not having much to say, nor the inclination to blog on a regular basis these days, my blog is quite boring. I can write about my busy schedule, my family, funny things that happen, silly things that make me laugh, how bad I feel that I don't blog more often, how much I miss going to all the blogs I love for a daily read, what drives me nuts, who drives me crazy, confess to being bipolar opposite and being sad that the days are so long and a hot dry summer is upon us again....See, I just wrote a whole paragraph about nothing!

My mother had this place on her mouth, that when touched, she would get the hiccups. My brother and I knew this and used her less known secret for our own amusement. We would rub it to show our friends and to make ourselves laugh. She didn't mind. She didn't get the hiccups for long. Well, now my daughter thinks it is fun to make me laugh to the point of tears streaming down my face. I can't blame her, they love it when I laugh. Obviously, I don't do it enough, as this seems to be a phenomenon. I love the kind of laughing that is out of control and infectious to all around us. Even if what I said is silly.

We were on the freeway coming back from LA and there was mucho traffico as usual. Bumper to bumper. We were in the car pool lane and still crawling along. The motorcycles weren't though. They ride in an unsafe manner between the lanes and at one point I noticed that not all of them should be doing this...Not for the reason you might think. Of course a car can switch lanes at any time or somebody could open a door and swat the motorcyclist like a fly. But it was this person's ass that got me laughing...I then blurted out, "Yer motorcycle might fit, but your ass duddunt!" It made me crack up. I said it every time a motorcycle went by. Then my daughter repeated it to get me going all over again. It worked, it still works. I spelled duddunt for her too. DUDD-UN-T. Not u n, but un. Anyhow, it is probably one of those had to be there things, but that's okay. The laughing has been cathartic.

We went to the Excellence Awards at the High School and Zoe got Outstanding Student in Honors World History and fitness. She really has no childhood. She spends all her time in school, doing homework and lately she has taken some practice tests for the SAT. These are set up by college board and are very much like the real thing. She took one yesterday for literature and said it was easy. Listen to her schedule next year, as a Junior, she will be taking Spanish 2, Honors Pre-Calc, Physics, AP English, US History, Mock Trial and Journalism. I asked her why she is doing Journalism again, after not enjoying it this year, and she said, because she doesn't want the paper to die. Nobody will be back next year and it will be a new teacher. She will be senior student on the paper next year. I did mention that the paper had been published for seventy years, but she wants to make sure it keeps going. Admirable, I think. What a great young women. I am very proud of her.

Katharine got to miss school on Friday for a film shoot. It was all fun. We left the house before six a.m. to get there on time. She really loves this stuff. Who can blame her? The crew asks repeatedly if she wants anything and then they say it's a wrap and all the crew applauds. It really could give anybody the acting bug...except me.

Happy Sunday....