Monday, September 25, 2006

This made me laugh

I was having a stressful day the other day and needed a laugh. I looked up and saw this sign and it cracked me up. Katharine snapped the shot with the camera on her phone. I only wish the photo was larger!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Birthday to Zoe

Zoe is 15 today. So beautiful, smart and funny. So grown up and sad in a way, happens way too fast.

We had chicken and homemade noodles for dinner. It was her choice. She and Katharine made the noodles, cuz they wanted to. Dinner was yummy and the cake was good too. 16 candles, all lit by Katharine. (One to grow on) Then Zoe lit them. Funny how kids like to play with fire.

All in all, I think she had a very nice birthday. It has been a very long day though and I just wanted to let you know that I am fine and still around. I planned on posting the other night and didn't get to it. But, I will.

Katharine in I were in LA the other day and I saw a funny redundant sign. We snapped a photo of it. I need to post it. Truly made my day. Well, that and singing songs with the radio from the seventies! Love that old rock n roll. Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Pink Floyd, Styx, even Peter Frampton. Saw him the other night on the new Celebrity Duet show. Love that show and he looked so old with short white hair. Gone the long blond locks. It happens to the best of us.

Off and running. I hope to catch up on Sunday!

Oh and Happy Birthday Zoe!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

It is labor day and I don't want to do a thing. It is too hot. We have had such beautiful weather for the past few weeks and I knew the heat was coming back, but I just hate it. We had a horrid heat spell in July, August was amazingly cool and now September kicks off with a scorcher.

School begins on Thursday. This summer totally got away from us. It never slowed down really. I have been terrible about posting on my blog and even worse about commenting on other's blogs.

I am happy to report this is the last weekend for the festivals. The orange cones directing traffic and slowing down vehicles near the crosswalks will be gone by tomorrow. Yippee. Less traffic, fewer people. I know tourism is important to our town, but it is nice to have our town back.

The Visitor's Bureau says it has seen at least a 25 percent increase in family visitors because of the MTV show called Laguna Beach, The Real Orange County. There have been a lot of questions about things people have seen on the show. It seems a lot of people must watch it because they renewed it for season 3. It is not the real Orange County. It is nowhere near the real Orange County. From what I saw of the one episode I watched, it is more like Beverly Hills. Orange County is very diverse in many ways. Laguna Beach is admittedly less diverse ethnically, however, not everybody here is richer than God, as this program shows these kids to be. I suppose the city is a bit richer this year because of the show and all the people who come up to see the school. I cannot believe how many people I saw this summer taking photographs of the school. In passing cars and people who stopped to pose in front of the Laguna Beach High School sign or people standing across the street just to get a photo of the school. Seems so surreal. My daughter is a sophomore this year and she couldn't be any more different than the kids on the show.

Speaking of my daughter, Zoe is turning 15 on the 14th. I told her the other day, only three years and she will be an adult. I told her it makes me sad. She said it makes her sad too. She is one wise young woman. I told her when I was her age, I couldn't wait to be older. She is so unlike me when I was her age and good for her! She beats to her own drum. She knows what she likes and pulls no punches. She doesn't pretend to like people or go along with things, to be liked. She is her own person and I am very proud of her.

I hope everybody is having or had a fulfilling send off to the end of summer. I like most things about summer, but I wish it could be cooler. Why can't global warming be global cooling?