Thursday, November 06, 2008

Too Much Time Has Passed

I cannot believe the last time I wrote on my blog was in March...I miss it. I miss all the friends I have made here. I still hear from some of you and am amazed you still remember me! I just saw the article Sarah wrote, which was great. I got an email from another person who read it as well. I have no idea what is going on in her life these days. I am hoping she is doing so much better than the last time I was in contact with her, via blog or email. I do keep in touch, albeit seldom, with a couple people. People who take the time to email me. Not like me at all. I appreciate the effort it takes stay in touch with old online friends and would like to be more like them!

Last time I posted was around Easter and here we are on the heels of Thanksgiving. Unreal! The time is flying by way too fast. Zoe is a senior this year with a full load, because she wanted to, not because she had to. She is applying to colleges and will be gone this time next year. She missed the big year for voting by one year! Zoe is again the editor in chief of the high school paper and loves it. She is one smart cookie and I am very proud of her! Katharine is a sophomore and is in her first high school play. Midsummer Night's Dream as Puck. Opens next weekend. She has been rehearsing since school started, almost nightly. She loves it. She is also learning to drive with me as her teacher. A bit scary, I have to admit, but she is doing a great job. She will be ready to get her license in Feb on her 16th birthday.

David has had a couple cancer scares and some surgery this year. He is doing great though and I am very happy about that! He and Zoe are going to NY this weekend to visit a couple colleges in upstate. They are staying with his sister Phoebe in NYC. Hmm, I wonder if she knows that yet...She will if she reads this. Maybe he clued her in. I am working with David at his office now. I love it. I didn't think it was a good idea, but we seem to work well together. I say I work with David because I don't want him to think he is my boss! I do love the office work and am learning a fair amount about working in a law firm.

I had a birthday last month. Turned 49. Sooo close to 50. I am looking forward to my fifties.

Off to bed. Hi to all my old online friends. I promise to do some blog hopping very soon!


Deb said...

SO HAPPY to see you here again!!!

Happy 49. And 50 is the new 30, so there!

Can't believe Zoe is ready for college. Time went so fast. Glad, too, that GOm is doing well despite the cancer scares.

zbjernak said...

is great to have see you 'active' again...

have not been getting you updates for quite some time...

49, 50, 69, 19, what the heck.. just have lots of fun, nancy!


alan said...

50 was a will enjoy it!

I'm glad David is staying on top of the medical things; a little prevention and caution are good things!

I never had any doubt about your wonderful children and their successes; with you two for parents their destiny was written at birth!

So very glad to find you here again!


zbjernak said...


No_Newz said...

Happy New Year! It's hard staying in the loop everywhere isn't it? I miss you and just wanted to wish you a great 09!!

P.S. 50 is going to kick 49's ass! :)

Playground In My Mind said...

I was going through old posts and thought that I would pop by. Hope all is well and that you are set for a great year. xoxoxo Renee said...

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