Thursday, May 20, 2010

American Idol and Sap for Success Stories

First of all, let me say the only reason I am blogging right now is that a friend is starting a new one and wondered how to do it. Keeping the page open, just in case she needs help, I am watching last night's American Idol....

First, I love Casey. He is quiet in a Jason Castro way. I think he probably got voted off last night, but it has all I could do to now watch, read or hear anything about last night's show.

As I am watching the show, he went back to his home town and I am just crying like a baby at the crowd of well wishers, fans. He is astounded which makes it all the better. Then he goes to the hospital where he was after a bad accident and signs autographs and says thank you. He is a class act.

I want Crystal to win because she just plain rocks! But, it's up to the voters, ultimately. I can't belive Seacrest is talking to Perez Hilton. I really can't believe that he said Lee's Hallelujah is better than JT's! Wrong...Justin Timberlate's performance with Matt Morris was the most moving rendention I have EVER heard! So, WRONG Perez!!!!!

That's my rant for today...


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